Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What it sold for: Week 11 - the International edition

I didn't create a single new listing this week. There was enough work, house stuff and erranding to keep me off the Bay - in fact I only thrifted one day all last week! On the plus side stuff still sold. I'm convinced this is from pinning: http://www.randomanny.com/2014/03/pinterest-is-really-helping-my-ebay.html

These are things I pinned which FINALLY sold:

Paid $4.xx, Sold for $15

Paid $1, sold for $15 plus $40ish shipping to the Middle East

Sold for $10

Paid $2.ish, sold for $10 plus $23 shipping to Australia

Paid $3-$4, sold for $18

Sold for $20, shipped media mail and the buyer is asking where it is. M-E-D-I-A Mail dude. This was my only unpinned sale all week.

Sold for $15 plus $4x.xx shipping to England

Paid $1, sold for $10

Sold for $10 - these were returned last time so let's hope they found their forever home

Last but not least - some guy with a Fiesta bowl store asked me to lower the price on my bowls from $5 to $4. Then while I was sleeping he did a "Buy it Now" on them for $5 so no one else would come in and buy them. I sent him an adjusted invoice for $4 each and now he hasn't paid. Buyers deserve to be kicked sometimes.