Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What it sold for: Week 10 aka Sell Old Stock Week

wo0t I sold 14 things this week! Was it opening a store? Was it folks getting their income tax returns? Is the heralding of spring drawing buyers to wares?

Who cares! (unintentional rhyme ftw)

I barely listed but a lot of old stuff finally went.

Vintage lights - Paid $1.49 a week before Christmas, listed in January and finally sold for $9. I have to be timelier with this stuff.

Speaking of timelier, I tried to sell this outfit as a Halloween costume and just kept relisting as a real outfit after the fact.

Paid $1.50 (I think) - Sold for $10

This one was about to be torched. It would get up to ten watchers weekly but never a bid. I raised the price, lowered the price, tried BIN, tried Auction. Finally Best Offer worked just as spring approaches.

Paid .25 - Sold for $9 Best Offer

These were one of my very first eBay buys. Accordingly they were one of my great Big Sitters and took months to sell.

Paid .29 each, sold them for $12

Paid $3 or $4 at a garage sale, sold for $20

I remember that sunny sale day. I was so cavalier in my shorts and lack of bulky winter jacket. Come on Summer '14!

71 views, about 10 watchers and it sold to the only bidder within an hour of ending. Ahh eBay.

Paid $1.99 each, sold for $15 together

This was the fastest sale this week since it only sat for about 3 weeks. I'm adding it because I like the picture.

Paid .24, sold for $8 billed as an Easter figurine

This is only a month old but kinda creepy. I was glad to stuff his heavy body and spindly appendages in an envelope and bid him adieu.

Paid .25, sold for $10

Lets hope next week is just as good!