Thursday, March 20, 2014

Staples is clearancing out old Brookstone iPad stuff

If you still have the older iPad models (with the wider, non-lightning plug) my Staples has their Brookstone accessories clearanced to 75% off.  This one was down to $15.

There is just one problem.

I've alluded to my love of sound a few times - when I reviewed my iPad boombox and bathroom radio but the truth is I have more sound "things" than rooms!

Read this:

Kitchen: Sony undercabinet radio
Downstairs Bath: Sony shower radio
Office: I have little red Sony speakers, hubby has some badass UBLs I garage saled years ago
Bedroom: My retro looking radio with iPod dock
Living room: Sony surround sound I bought my husband when dating
Downstairs eating: iCraig soundbar
Downstairs tv: Sony surround sound from my old apartment
Upstairs Bath: Sony shower radio I bought hubby while dating

Sound stuff which wanders around with me:
iPad bluetooth sound bar
iPad boombox
iPod shuffle

Ironically I listen to the radio 58% of the time and the other 42% is spent looping the same songs. Sound is wasted on those who can hear.