Monday, March 10, 2014

Squaretrade warranties for our washer & dryer

Look at what I finally got last Thursday!!! I'd been going to the laundromat since September and let me tell you - its fine for the ocassional oversized comforter but otherwise nowhere for me to be.

Sears wants about $100/year for the extended warranty but I don't want to pay it. I've never heard a positive thing about their appliance repair department, probably won't need it and for that kind of money over five years I could practically buy new appliances!

Enter squaretrade:

For $200 an appliance I would be covered for five years beyond Sears' paltry one. A tech would come out within two days and if he can't fix it they replace it. Squaretrade warranties are sold everywhere from Amazon to Staples but I went straight to the source and used a 35% coupon from retailmenot:

Once I set up my account and purchased my warranty they asked for serial numbers and a copy of my receipt. Luckily Sears sent an e-receipt so I just forwarded it along.

The internet is overflowing with positive reviews so hopefully I made the right call!

Action shot! Appliances sure have gotten complicated.