Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random Roundup

I woke up extra random today and this post will reflect that!

I picked up these vintage shot glasses at the Salvation Army on Monday for .29 each.

Last week's candle holder turned out to be a good buy. I like having the flame far enough from furniture that I don't need to worry about damaging it. Some tea light holders get VERY hot!

I was at Ikea yesterday looking for more of this awesome Tindra apple scent. Unfortunately Ikea stopped selling them for now and only summer scents were out. I picked up this citrussy Sinnlig instead. Remind me to stock up in the fall!

BTW - Ikea sells the cheapest scented tea lights - only $2.99 for 30 and each one lasts about four hours.

Picked up 30 vanilla thinking they were coconut scented but my husband wants them. He's a vanilla guy - I am a fruit person. Also 100 unscented for $3.99

I am also running low on these TERRIBLY packaged CVS tea lights.

Look at what the packaging does to these things. I was looking at the finished product with these diy cement candle holders and thinking to myself "should have skipped the CVS lights." The end result is lovely but would have been better with solid holders. Maybe even those cool clear plastic holders.

I use unscented candles in this thing, which I keep on the stove. I grew up three blocks from a fire station and am overly cautious with candles. 

I also picked up some Lack shelves. The one on the far right is from Home Depot and cost $30. I picked it up before planning to go to Ikea so will return it. The exact same shelf from Ikea is $14.99.

Picked up some brackets for our media closet under the stairs. Aren't the red ones ostentatious and beautiful? I picked up some sedate white ones too but I think red will be the way we go.

They will go here holding up shelves stained the same color as the floor.

Our construction guy originally put up cheap-o Home Depot brackets. He's a function over form guy - not an interior designer. Unfortunately I am detail oriented and plan to live here forever so I make additional work for the poor guys.

Next up is Railings Guy. He should be here in 1-2 weeks with the finished product.

The stairs were stained a perfect color match for the floor but our house is still hella dusty. The washer and dryer come tomorrow, then I will mop. Poly will probably wait for when we will be away for a few days. That stuff is stinky!

Ceiling fan is up, as well as dinky high hats. Oh and see the brown knob on that teeny door to the left? That's our fuse box. I immediately bought a white ceramic knob for the door. See what I mean about function over form? The .98 brown knob works fine but the $1.98 white ceramic one is pretty to look at.

Yay a chandy over the future dining room table! Only half the crystals are up because I was using that white step stool to hang them and it was akward. I picked up my ladder from my parent's house but have not gotten back to hanging. See them on the floor? We are good at not stepping on those.

The Lack shelf is for between these "mini rooms." The one on the left has a sump pump and the one on the right has access to Important Stuff which is also Ugly. In the middle is our dehumidifer and this is really the only good spot for it in the basement. I think a Lack shelf over it and maybe a stool next to it will detract from Function and make it more Form.

I was hoping to buy shelves in this color to match the floor but Ikea discontinued those too. *shakes fist* I've always liked the stacked Lack look (say that fast!) but feel this works best with something heavy below to anchor it like the cabinet in this picture.

I briefly considered faux-ifying a table with legs but its not right for this space.

Who doesn't love a well done photo collage? Unfortunately that this space is small with an off-centered mirror so nix that.

I will probably just hang this little 2010 mirror over it. In apartment #1 it was in the living room, in apt 2 it was in the office and now it will be in the basement. What a little nomad.

Now to decide between red shelf and brown shelf! Brown will match the floor and furniture. Red is fun. Unless the hubby faints at the thought red it is! We can always switch later...unless Ikea discontinues it too.