Friday, March 21, 2014

Random Roundup: Craftiness Edition

Now that our basement is almost done its time to decorate the house (huzzah!)

Check out the lucite frames:

She bought the plastic at Lowes. My local one doesn't offer this service but for those kinds of results it may be worth looking further away.

I love mid-century stuff so much! I bought four of these pots for .25 each back in September and have used them outside. Now I want to figure out how to woodwork stands for them - rather than buying them new for $189 each:

I got three of these candle holders for Christmas 2012. They're only $2 each at CB2:

CB2 has an amazing catalog and insanely cool, cheap candle holders.

I am thinking of lining the three up in our bathroom with air plants inside. They require a bi-weekly soaking, humidity and indirect lighting. Easy peasy.

They're about $2 on-line but I want to avoid the shipping charges by finding a local distributor. I'm an eBay seller, I know how much that stuff costs!

Creepy sells, my friends. This version (and others like it) are $95 on etsy. For $95 you better weed my entire yard too!