Friday, March 14, 2014

Life Dreams Quest

This new Sims Freeplay update will age (and eventually kill) sims! The internet is, of course, uproaring.
  1. Call a friend - 3 Minutes
  2. Send invitations on a computer - I used a teen for this - 4 hours, 48 minutes
  3. Send 5 sims to the snow park
  4. Tend the bar in the snow park (never even noticed that before) - Instant
  5. Order a cocktail at the bar - $2500! - Instant
  6. Ask Osiris about new inventions - 14 hours, 20 minutes
  7. Open the age controller - On the side of your screen
  8. Advance an Adult sim's age - will start the "death clock" on all your simmies
  9. Send a sim to the park
  10. Examine the glowing orb on the pie - 1 day
  11. Give the orb to a senior (click on the orb and pick a senior)
  12. Open the life dream's menu (pops up on the side of the screen)
  13. Fulfill a life dream - 6 hours, 24 minutes (my sim wanted to write fanmail)
  14. Have a senior ask Osiris for help - 5 minutes
  15. Tap on beach or arcade (go over the bridge to find it)
  16. Have a senior ask Osiris for help - 20 seconds this time
  17. Fulfill a life dream - 6 hours, 24 minutes (my sim wanted to write even more fanmail)
  18. Have a scientific breakthrough in a bath - must be a senior, took about 6 1/2 hours
  19. Debunk theory of relativity while  drinking tea - must be senior - 10 hours, 40 minutes
  20. Grow pumpkin (had a sim on a remote lot growing this in advance) - 24 hours
  21. Bake gingerbread sims (had another hidden sim doing this too) - 6 hours
  22. Complete a cycle of a life (KILL YOUR ELDER SIM)
  23. Have 4 sims at a house
  24. Be nice to a sim - 1 minute
  25. Have a baby - 1 day
And what do you get in return? A singing salmon which will fully green your sims in 30 seconds. I hope it will sing the simulated blood off your hands too.