Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keep on thrifting on

I didn't get a chance to thrift yesterday so I ran out today. Nothing overly exciting:

Little Golfer: 1.49
Dexters 1 &3 - .99 each
Candle holder - 1.49
Mug - .49
Little Pony bowl - .99

I know these guys were personalized for individual businesses way back when. Hopefully he isn't overly obscure. I believe he will be set up as an auction style listing.

Weird mugs with signatures for under $1 usually come home.

The little pony bowl was for my niece but it has a chip inside which was covered by the price tape. What can I do with it now?

I seem to have fogotten my embargo on candle holders. I sell a couple and completely forget my resolutions!

Only one thrift this week so you know its going on Thriftasaurus.