Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I thrifted the world's saddest mug

We were away last week so I missed thrifting for almost two weeks. Luckily eBay just started a 5000 free listings promo!

First up: Salvation Army

Ziggy Mug - .29
Angel candle holders - .79 each
Volcano candle holder - 3.99

Diabetic foot massager - 7.99

Who would be the targetted audience for this incredibly sad mug? Someone for whom caffeine just isn't an Upper Option anymore!? Is George Constanza still around? Its Fenton so it came home (sadly).

eBay says these are Toscany crystal angel candleholders. Very cool.

Speaking of something - that is a Meri Lasi handmade in Finland "Mini-Vulkan" mini volcano candle holder designed by Pertti Kallonen. eBay's never heard of any of these things either. I am going to be optimistic and say its because its so awesome!

I dropped by the Little Thrift Store afterwards:

Hugo Boss trench - $3
Digital Calculator - Freebie box
Snowman ornament  - Freebie box
Disney on Ice program  - Freebie box

The trench is slightly too small for me so off to eBay.

I thought this was the face for a broken calculator. Luckily my husband likes math and pointed out "digits" are fingers. Duh! Its silver plated so I will polish it up and see if executives still enjoy gag gifts!

Glass, mugs, clothes which don't fit? Guess I am thrifting again!

I haven't been Thriftasaurising lately.