Saturday, March 22, 2014

Honestly Ikea, I have screwdrivers

Thank goodness I only had to use 3 Ikea screws this time cause those little hex tools are killer! They are supposed to provide easy leverage but they just provide sadness. Deep, bitter sadness.

Today's project was as easy as Ikea will allow something to be: installing a Lack shelf.

So they changed the Lack shelf mounting design (more on that later). These days you have a crapton of holes to select from in order to screw the support bar into. Ikea suggests at least one hole go into a stud and having more options is nice.

The underside of the shelves have three holes which tighten on the gaps in the bar. The old way used to screw right into the bar.

This is the old style shelf. See the back bar and its 10 preset holes?

You had to hope at least one would find a stud.

Ikea doesn't provide nails so I went with my trusty standby box.

Voila! Floating shelf! Sadly, wobbly shelf.

I went back to the instructions and sure enough I'd skipped Step 5.

No big, I have a crapton of nails.

Still wobbly! Here is the problem - the wall bows slightly inward at its center. It bows enough for a folded sheet of paper to slip through.

At the two corners its flush.

My husband tightened the screws after me and I have two hittings studs so it should be stable.

So yeah, I don't like this new design for the Lack shelves. My old roomy had various shelves with the old design and those things were STURDY! The metal bar went right through the shelf. This new way barely has a lip for the shelf to grab on to. I bet it would work perfectly on a super flat wall but even such a minor gap (seriously its only paper) will make it unsafe.

It sure looks nice though.