Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hey did I ever tell you about our stove?

This was the stove which came with our house. It didn't work as well as I wanted so we put it on craigslist and bought a shiny (literally shiny - its stainless steel) new stove from Home Depot.

I threw this one on craigslist and was THRILLED when a prop company from NYC purchased it for an independent movie they were making.

They didn't give me the name of the movie and all I know is the company is called Little Galicia so I doubt I will ever see it again.

Still cool to say "I knew it when..."


Alicia said...

That's such a cute little stove! And a cute little story :)

Lana @ The Oakley Office + the getlOh blog said...

How fun!

Anonymous said...

A spanish movie called Little Galicia was filmed in NYC at the end of last year, so probably that's the name of the movie ;)