Monday, March 3, 2014

eBay Rep: "I equate it (Cassini) to a religion"

So this morning I had a free fifteen minute phone consultation with an eBay representative about my auctions.

And boy did I have questions!

Cassini is making my head spin. I asked her about the number of pictures, order of words in title, label printing time, etc. She responded "I equate it (Cassini) to a religion." inasmuch as what will yield users the best results.

Then she went on to list stuff which will theoretically boost my hits and eBay's profit margin. While obviously reading a script full of generically simple advice this one caught my ear:

Sellers with identical auctions offering 30 day returns had a 65% higher sell-through rate, according to her. I currently offer 14 day returns and lets face it - Paypal can yank your money up to six months after the fact. Return policies are a joke meant to create a false sense of security in sellers and attempt to moderate buyers. I'm ok with bumping advertised return periods since they don't mean anything anyway.

She was very pushy about offering free shipping. I've done the math, written the post and experienced returns. I don't want to bump my prices by the cost of shipping to Cali (bi-coastal) just to cover the cost of "free shipping" if someone ends up buying it internationally or in my state. She responded with a sarcastic "well we don't want to make more money off buyers right?" Uh...

Sorry lady, the golden rule applies to me as an on-line seller.

I told her I would have lost $10 on just one return I had last month if I'd offered free shipping. "That's the cost of running a business," according to her.


On a side note - there has been a lot of stink lately about higher ups at eBay wanting to split off from Paypal and become two separate companies. I wonder if this push for "free" shipping is their way of pre-emptively minimizing Paypal's cut.

She also kept touting the glory of stores but honestly stores have three perks:

1. Stores can be put on vacation instead of cancelling auctions when you go away and relisting on return.
2. Stores can run advertised sales.
3. Stores have 1% less fees.


Most of  my sales are for $10-$20 so I typically pay $1-$2 in fees. Since opening a store last week I pay .90-$1.90.

The basic store with a yearly subscription is $16.99.

In order for that 1% to make sense I would need to sell over $1600 a month for the entire year. If we could all make $19,200/year dealing used mugs no one would be left to buy new mugs.

Overall it was an ok call. She kept dodging my questions about Cassini with anecdotes and lines instead of saying "Listings with 12 pictures will generally be displayed first" or "this is the best way of listing"

We were on the phone for twenty minutes but instead of real answers I got the feeling either she didn't really know how to get higher ranking on Cassini (join the club) or she was dodgy.

Religion, heh.


mrs4jachi said...

thats too funny. I haven't done anything different since Cassini came around. At first I was super low in the rankings then last week I looked up one of my items for giggles and with 1407 items i was #1 in best match. wait? what!?LOL I dont think there is any rhyme or reason. Sorry that your call seemed to be pretty pointless. I had an hour call last month (maybe because I have a midlevel store) and she was super helpful including taking off negative fb that previous reps wouldnt take off