Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Defect Rate eBay? Really?

Did you read this morning's eBay newsletter? These things are always chock full of bad:

#1 Bad News:
All packages must be scanned within your stated shipping time. Mine is 24 hours.
  • I print postage from home so I won't need to wait in line for inane scans
  • My post office NEVER scans stuff I leave on the counter or the mailbox
  • Postal employees act insulted when asked to scan stuff paid for on-line
  • I can't ship from Office Depot anymore because they don't scan
#2 Bad News:
Top rated sellerdom (and its discounts) will be super easy to lose:
  • A seller cancelled transaction
  • Negative or neutral Feedback
  • DSR of 1 2 AND NOW 3 in item as described
  • DSR of 1 in Shipping time
  • ANY RETURN saying item is not as described
  • An ebay or Paypal buyer protection case OPENED for not received.
#3 Bad News:
If you sell between November 1 and December 31 you MUST accept returns through January 31 or lose top rated status.
  • They are gonna hype the hell out of this and buyers are going to remember eBayables are returnable
eBay, you make it so hard to love you.


kate steeper said...

the UK newsletter wasnt much better, ours is all price hykes