Sunday, March 23, 2014

Death is stalking The Novelist, Tabitha King

You know what I appreciate about Stephen King? He dedicates a lot of his books to his wife and always calls her "the Novelist, Tabitha King." I've read/listened to dozens of Stephen King books but cannot name a single thing she has published. Yet he always mentions her with such love that its become a title for me.

So when it was time to open a library in my little simtown the Novelist Tabitha King was the obvious sim to take up residence. Now that aging has happened she spends most of her days on the third floor (the children's section) sewing quilts and watching the tots.

She just had a new visitor arrive: Grim Reaper.

Her clock is only halfway through its cycle but he's already here. Sims can't interact with him and where Tabitha goes, he goes. He's not as flamboyant as Osiris and spends most of his time reading the paper or eating apples.

While Tabitha quietly sews.