Monday, February 17, 2014

What it sold for: Week 8

This was another overly snowy week. My car is in the shop waiting for the snow to let replacement parts through so I was glad for fewer, higher priced sales.

Paid .25, after much price tinkering sold for $100

Paid .75, sold for $55

Found a bunch of old games for $1, $2 at KMart a few weeks ago and sold 3 so far for $10.40

Only have 1 of these left - sold a few more for $20

Another Steamboat Willie mug took its time to go for $11

Paid .24, sold for 10.40

Office Depot clearance - sold a few lots of these for 11.05, paid about 1.50

Its funny - eBay sold results said the Christmas washi should have gone immediately but I haven't sold one. Meanwhile the regular stuff is going 1-2 a day.