Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What it sold for: Week 7

I am glad we had such awful weather this week because I only sold ten things. My mailman is AWFUL at picking up packages so every trip to the post office is a trek.

Paid $1 - Accepted best offer of $5

Paid $6 - Sold for $20 (sold 2, have 2 left)

Paid .33 - Sold for $10

Paid less than $1 since it was bundled with the blues - Sold for $8

Paid .75 - Sold for $9

Paid .25 - Sold for $3.50

Sold for $10 shipped

We're expecting another huge storm in two days but I'm ready for better sales. Oh and more listings - I was all caught up but since the last promotion ended have racked up another 30 or so items to list.