Friday, February 7, 2014

Thrifting in Snow

Oh man the weather this week was Snowtastic. The Little Thrift shop was closed again due to weather so I didn't get my thrifting kick. I made it out today but it was a skidding, unplowed disaster.

I got all the breakables.

2 Inverted beer glasses - 1.99 each
Cheesecake Factory & Precious Moments mugs - .29 each
Asian mug - .79
All other mugs - .49

I have often admired this design. Frosted glass inside clear glass? Who cares if its impossible to clean when its this beautiful!? Alas my cupboards are full.

I bought my husband one of these mugs once but they suck so bad we gave it away (pre-my eBay ALL THE MUGS phase). That handle is stupid and needs to be redesigned.

This Starbucks mug has a chip and I kept debating its purchase. In the end I went for it because others have had success selling chipped mugs and it was cheap. Of course when I got home I found out they go for about $5. The Salvation Army should have a sitting area where I can go with my iPad to research stuff and decide if its worth buying!

Here are my unbreakables for the day:

3 embroidery things - 2.99 each
Embroidery quilt - 2.99 or 3.99
1000 piece photomosaic puzzle - 2.99

Supposedly this needlework stuff sells

This one has the alphabet.

Supposedly puzzles with over 1000 pieces are worth buying. We'll see.

So a fun day and tomorrow is going to be 50% off everything BUT white tags day! They did something similar in December but bric a brac wasn't included and I only buy bric a brac. I'm so glad I went out in this cruddy weather or I wouldn't have known.

Look for me at Sir Thrift a Lot's.


Diane said...

Your weather sounds a lot like mine. Nice finds for a crummy day though!