Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sad Stairs

I haven't posted much on the basement because not much has happened.

On the tenth molding went up. Then the guys spent two days sanding down the stairs:

They put thin wood veneer on the fronts because they were mighty ugly:

Then we got snow and a weekend and President's Day and ...well nothing has happened in eight days.

I'm tired of being disappointed. I really want to have our washer and dryer delivered but we can't have folks in snowy, salty workboots going up and down these stairs. Each drop would seep and spread and ruin two days of work. Patience is difficult when its demand feels limitless.

Also all that sanding and jack hammering and cutting ceramic has created an insurmountable amount of dust and dirt. See that thing to the left of the stairs through the open door? Its our boiler and next to that is our heating/cooling system. Guess where I'm going with this?

Our heater has been blowing a steady stream of dust out of fourteen little vents all over our house since December 26th. The heater and vents cleaner came Monday (wearing plastic bags over his shoes) and showed me pictures of the innards. Not good, dear Reader. Unfortunately in order to clean the system he needs to bring a huge machine down these stairs.

These unsanded, unvarnished, raw wood stairs we can only walk on in house slippers.