Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My hobbies include washing thrifted mugs

I got a bunch of mugs today because eBay gave us 60,000 free listings and they are so easy to list and ship.

.49 - two glass mugs at the back
.29 - all the other mugs
.29 - tealight holder

I see these all the time and always pass them up but sales have been so slow lately. I'm ok with selling it cheap just to get some movement on my account.

Can you believe I mixed up THX and HTC? I hang on blu-ray boards and all these acronyms are making my head bonkers. These will probably be a slower sale.

These are the perfect mugs! They are SO perfect I paid $3.50 for the one in the middle at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Yep, went shopping expressly for that item and paid retail for it. I wonder if non-thrifters shop purposefully all the time.

Anyway these Anchor Hocking mugs are the perfect shape, size and heft. The base is slightly lifted so it doesn't sweat all over furniture which is important because life is too short for coasters. Today I find the two in the background for only .49 each! That means my red mug from the other day is going to eBay. While lovely and pleasing to hold, tea stained it after first use and I don't like high maintenance things.

The Dollar Tree sells these in three varying heights for ... $1 each. I have been kinda debating them for over a year because I don't really need more candle holders and fire suspended that high up looks like a toppling hazard. Internet reviews say they are safe so I guess it time to find out!

I am officially bringing my own bubble wrap the next time I thrift.

I posted over at Sir Thrift a Lot's. *shocker*