Friday, February 14, 2014

Look at my tulips in water!

My husband snagged these at Walgreens on Wednesday. They didn't have a single bloom but by the next night I could see at least two partial tulips!

Tulip bulbs nestled on a plastic grate to keep them out of water. Don't mind the dusty shelf. I cleaned it right after taking the picture and its just as dusty again today. We are still living in a construction zone.

The secret to bloom (rather than rot) is keeping the roots submerged and the bulbs dry. This is the perfect vase for this.

Last night as the first bulb peeked.

This morning three were showing color so I bet by tomorrow most will be blooming! Look at how beautiful the living room paint looks in sunlight.

Here is a great guide for forcing tulips to bloom in water: Her second tip is to just buy tulip plants, clean off the dirt and plop them in a vase. I like Plan #2 more ;)