Friday, February 21, 2014

Keep Calm, I bought myself a mug!

My car will be in the shop until Monday (2 weeks without it but who's counting?) so I haven't been able to volunteer/thrift or even regular thrift as I am wont. I went out yesterday though and snagged these two mugs for .29 each.

I first mentioned Keep Calm in 09 and it has been my iPad's only desktop pattern. This cute little mug will go into my regular rotation and one of my glass ones go into the garage sale pile. It would be impolite to discuss the size of that pile.

Their cash register has been down all week but luckily I only bought two items. You'd think a downed register wouldn't be a big deal in 2014 but the Salvation Army thinks its 1943. No credit cards AT ALL - not even the swiped carbon copied type. The cashier writes everything down on a huge pad (see my receipt above), adds it up on a calculator and makes change.

There has to be an app for that.

In other news a few weeks ago I bought a bunch of jackets for $30 at Burlington but I am going to return them. A reasonable markup isn't worth the stress. Most are valued at about $90 msrp so I'd have to sell for around $60. Invest 30 plus fees plus waiting them to go? Not worth $20. A mug can sit on a shelf for 5 years and be fine. A jacket creases and gets outdated.

I will continue buying used clothes for resale though. They can't all be a $99.75 profit but I am happy with a .50 investment turning into $10-$15.

I linked to Sir Thrift a Lot - as usual.


Lori@BalladofaVintageNut said...

Cool mugs are difficult to pass up, particularly when they speak to you. Keep calm and carry on.