Friday, February 28, 2014

I missed my car so much

I've had my car back three days and I've thrifted on all three days (with legitimate errands in between). There was a fellow eBayer at the Salvation Army today and he was checking everything. I don't like him.

The girl charged me 15.95 (with tax) but forgot to give me a receipt. I think she rang something up wrong.

6 chalices - .99 each
Vase - .99
Cabinet lockers - .99
Ice cream maker - 2.99
Bread cutter - 5.99

My brother had a tough time installing these with Baby #1 (turning 6 next month) and I noticed Baby #2 (just turned 1) trying to open a cabinet at his house from her walker. Lets see if he will want these.

These drips threw me because sometimes they looked deliberately pretty

and sometimes like a newbie mistake.

Scott Carlson is a pottery guy in New Mexico who's webpage is down and facebook picture is missing. He has sold 3 items personally on etsy but his name doesn't show up on eBay. Pricing these will be tough.

I didn't notice the Salvation Army wrote .99 IN SHARPIE under this one. WTF guys.

I really love this vase - probably because pale blue is so popular on design blogs. It has some minor chips along the base and these initials. Probably not Kosta Boda right? *jk*

This is my FAVORITE color and I've always wanted one of these. It says I need rock salt so I will shop purposefully in the future. Bed Bath and Beyond probably sells it.

$6 is a lot but its brand new and the design is uber clever. The bottom part slides out for crumb disposal and there is a space for the bread knife on the side. Someone in California has been trying to sell one for $60 for a while. It won't be difficult to package so I will definitely undercut them.

I just wish I'd had one back when I had a bread machine and a huge kitchen...fivish years ago!

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