Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hey want to see our basement?

These were the listing photos from our house's basement:

This is our future media room. The lovely paneling and glowing orange carpet threw your right back into the 60s and 70s. See the damage at the bottom of the paneling? This house had water damage at some point and we would need a french drain put in.

This is our future dining room on the other side of the stairs. The bar was made of roughly two pieces of wood, some paneling and a laminate countertop. Physics say it should have fallen under the weight of that iron and its box. We were concerned about that 3/4 wall shelf since it could house important stuff (like plumbing or electric) but we wouldn't know until it was torn down.

On December 26 jack hammers arrived and our basement looked like this for over a week:

This is our future media room to the left of the stairs (where the treadmill was above). Can you see the teeny rocks lining the sides of the wall? That's the french drain. *shudder*

This is our future dining room on the right side (where the bar was). Don't rush to make dinner reservations! See the cables hanging down? Supposedly safe and since we didn't burn down in our sleep I guess its all good. The half wall on that wall was FAKE! It was just sitting there making a small space even smaller by providing a shelf which was too high for regular use.

When they removed the the paneling on the right side of the stairs (oh yeah that stuff sprawled like a real tree) this design was underneath. That hole is there so the light switch could eventually become a three-way switch.

This is the left side. Can you see the pencil marks where someone stenciled all the way down? Our house was built in the 50s and since the paneling went up a decade or so later I bet this was the work of the original owners. Someone was probably very proud of this.

Insulation on the right side went up after the building inspectors ... inspected the framing, electric and french drain. See the beige cement border along the walls? French drain covered up. The hanging blue wires are surround sound cables my husband and I stuck in the walls to surprise the construction guys the next day.

Here is the dining room waiting to be sheetrocked. See the yellow border at the top of the left wall? The acoustic ceiling dropped to there so we lost most of the window. The new ceiling will be about a foot higher.

Anything unpanelled down here was baby blue when we bought the house. Before then it was bright yellow. At the very top is the salmon from the stairs. This leads me to believe this room was only painted three colors EVER. I don't know which one is worst since this room does not receive an incredible amount of natural sunlight.

This french drain went right through walls.

We are only finishing half the basement. Unfortunately this side has  access for all sorts of important stuff so they had to build two little Fake Rooms with doors to hide them.

This is me in the dining room looking past the stairs to the media room. Use your imaginations. We are going to build a media closet under the shelf for the amp, cable box, wii, etc.

Now THIS was an exciting day. By this point the basement project had been going on for over a month. Not seeing the house's foundation when we looked down the stairs was AWESOME! Also check it out - lights firmly - nay SAFELY - attached to the ceiling!

Can you see the doors starting to take shape? Also - spoiler alert - that spackle in the bottom left WILL NOT be enough for the room. It won't be enough times about seven.

This was Day One. Imagine 7 days of Spackle, Sand, Spackle, Sand, Spackle, Sand. The basement is cold and we disconnected the dehumidifier while all this was happening so the spackle took forever to dry.

Oh Joyous day! The spackling was finally done and the tile guys came in and laid porcelain tile on Monday morning. It took them less then four hours to do all of it.

See the thorough spackling and skim coating job these guys did? Bananas.

So that's where we are right now. The tile guys came back on Wednesday (post-snowfall) and grouted the joint in less than three hours.

On Sunday the whole basement gets painted beige with a white ceiling. I keep deliberating a slightly darker color for the media area because we want to get a wall projector but I don't know what color to go for.

Next week the guys put up floor trim and hopefully the stairs guy comes in. That should be the last batch of sanding required for this project. Our whole house is covered in dust and we are ready to stop having strangers over all the time.

I have our washer and dryer scheduled for a Saturday delivery too. I ordered them BEFORE Black Friday and have been going to the laundromat since August so this will be a wonderful upgrade to my way of life.