Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guess who's not getting an Eames Rocker?

Me :(

Someone posted an Eames rocker for $50(!!!) on craigslist. I was looking for matching Ikea chairs for the basement but had to respond to that ad first! They asked if I would pay $65 and while annoyed, I said sure.

But you know what?

I can't right now.

My car has been in the shop since last Monday (we haven't driven together in 10 days but who's counting?) waiting for a part. If the snow ever lets it arrive that's going to be a $1200 repair. Thank goodness I have eBay money to cover it!

The rocker is in a very hilly area I circumvent in summer - let alone this snowy mess we've been calling February. I drive my husband's car locally AND if its unavoidable but an Eames rocker is not an emergency.

Also - have you looked at Eames rockers? I'm not sure I could easily fit it in a sedan without damaging the car. My car and I have picked up bertoias and a faux-cerlona but its been tricky. Not something I want to do to someone else's car.


There will be other rockers in my life.


Lana said...

So sad! It is a beautiful rocker.