Monday, February 10, 2014

Basement Update: Molding!

I gotta say, I can (poorly) DIY but paying someone else to do it while we sit upstairs and blog is so much better!

So the contractor decided to hold off on painting the basement until the molding was done and stairs sanded. This makes sense. So today they molded and caulked:

Look at all the tools they used! This isn't even everything - they took some tools home! They molded out a little space for the fuse box and will get a door up tomorrow (or sometime).

This is going to be the under stair media storage area. All those cables are way too much cabling we ran for components. The shelves are ok - nothing to write home about and I want to stain them a dark walnut the same color as the floor. I may even put some decorative trim up since this will be left open and it should be pretty.

Don't these make you sad? These are the .97 Home Depot brackets I teased my brother for using in our old laundry room.

They will probably be replaced with an old favorite:

They cost $7 each at Ye Olde Depot and if I replace even the ones at eye level it will be a huge improvement. They're rated for up to 80 pounds and are what I used in my old house's kitchen remodel to hold up the microwave so they should be able to hold up a cable box.

Tomorrow the guys sand and prep the stairs for staining. Good luck to them, I am staying up here!