Saturday, February 8, 2014

50% off everything!? Lets buy stuff to hold candles!!!

Ok so right off the bat - I bought candle holding things which aren't Kosta Boda. Its hard when stuff is 50% off! /whine

I went back to the Salvation Army for this - the other 25 pieces to the errant cup I bought back in November. The cup still hasn't sold but I bet it will now that it has friends!

$5 for the set

2 Hummel stitch things - 1.99 each (regular white tag)
2 Christmas decoration figurines - .49 for both
2 Bears - .79 for both
Girl figurine - .24
Mug the manager chipped - .24
Green candle holder for me - .39
Glass candle holder for me - $1
6 Feet Under - $3 - the manager was the cashier and she said boxsets were $1 a disk! I've always paid $2 a set. Since it was half off to $3 I took it but idk

TWO chips! She cuts newspaper pages down into half sheets and wraps everything up. Everyone else uses full sheets. The green set at top? I told her not to wrap it and I would put it on the floor of my car. That's right - I'd rather have breakables sit loose on my floor mats than be wrapped by her.

Green is my second favorite color and I kept picking this up and putting it back down but for half price? Good enough.

I bought this as a rectangular candle holder but  the writing would be upside down.

My husband says its a name placard or business card holder. I say it WAS a name placard holder ;)

Aren't these dessert/side/salad plates pretty? People on eBay keep asking if I am selling the matching dinner plates and if they look anything like these I can see why. Sadly again - I already have more small plates than I need (4 from my place and 8 from my husband's bachelor days) so I won't be keeping these.

Find me being Nifty Thrifty.


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Those dishes are so pretty! Some of my thrift stores are getting stingy with the newspaper. A few times over the last couple of weeks, I've caught my cashier trying to put breakables in a bag without wrapping them. I quickly stopped them, and told them that i would like to get these items home in one piece.

Diane said...

Great prices! It's very hit or miss how they wrap or don't wrap breakables at the thrift stores. One time I went back with my own box and bubble wrap to buy some dishes!