Monday, January 27, 2014

What it sold for: Week 5

Ugh I only sold 13 things this week! Sales were so boring I can list all of them instead of just picking out my faves. On the upside a lot of my sales are things I purchased multiples of so I can easily relist. The downside is I still have 194 items listed and until stuff sells I can't shop more.

Life is hard.

Big seller this week from Office Depot's clearance: Paid .50, sold for $26

Sold for $11 - I am trying to play up the VDay angle since I have 4 more of these to go

$15.50 to Norway - the buyer asked SO MANY questions

Christmas ornaments still going - Sold for $6

Lotion I disliked - Sold for $5.50

Cooking voodoo doll - Paid .50, sold for $13 with free shipping

PS3 Remote & Hancock - Sold for $20 - surprisingly slow seller, I still have 4 of these left

Inuit vase - Paid .99, sold for $12

Jeans - Paid .33, sold for $9

Brass vase - Paid .25, sold for $4

Little tray - Paid .25, sold for $7

Lovely tealight holders - Paid .40, sold for $5.50

FAR headphones from about 2 years ago - Sold for $19.50 with free shipping


Wendy said...

Love it- well done on the selling. I think I might be pricing too high...

Anny said...

Goodness no! I tend to underprice more so stuff will move. For me the fun is the buying/selling/shipping and not usually in the waiting for the right buyer to pay me big bucks. Don't follow my strategy unless you want to get rich slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly!