Friday, January 24, 2014

We're talking about a Starbucksian Day

Dropped by Ye Olde SA on my way to errand today. It was my only thrifting day all week!

Pictureka! - 1.99
Pottery Barn Wine Charms - $1.49
Buncha Starbucks Mugs - .29 each
Donny Osmond Mug - .49
Joanne Wanat Figurine - .29

These are quite possibly the world's most boring Starbucks mugs. They went past understated to phoning it in. Although at .29 it was worth the gamble.

I only know Donny Osmond from jokes but someone out there probably knows him from this musical!

I picked up this little guy thinking the maker was "Matthew John." Apparently this was a  (crooked) engraving and the real maker is Joanne Wanat. This feels like a dud.

A new 5000 items free listing "event" started today. The last promotion ended on Monday and I found a batch of randomness to eBay the very next day. I can't believe I have about 200 items listed and organized!

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Kimberly Hutmacher said...

At just 29 cents, I bet those Starbucks mugs will still sell for a nice profit. Great finds! I don't run across the Starbucks mugs very often, but I was lucky enough to find three of their travel mugs at the thrift store this weekend.