Saturday, January 11, 2014

The time I almost bought a crack pipe

I haven't given up blogging and thrifting! We are redoing our home's basement and its all dust and noise and things which are bad for desktops long past their warrantied years. Therefor my desktop is safely disconnected and under a blanket in the other room.

Sans desktop I haven't been listing but I have sure been selling! Six things went out today! Maybe by the time I am newly hooked up all my 2013 auctions will have sold....a girl can only dream

Anyway today was my first thrifting day of 2014. It felt like everyone on the internet was getting amazing deals so I had to go see what I could find.

2 Pier 1 Mugs - .29 each
Oil lamp - 1.49
Lump of vases - 2.99

I told my husband I might have purchased a beautiful crack pipe at the Salvation Army and he jumped to see. Luckily there was a maker's sticker on it and google tells me its an oil lamp.

Facebook tells me this vase doesn't have a name and was popular 20 years ago. Oh well.

I am sure the formatting is weird on this, I am posting from my iPad and its nowhere near as awesome as my desktop.

I'm being a Thrifter Sharer.


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Lol! Your title made me laugh! Glad it turned out to be an oil and not a crack pipe :)

Alicia said...

Yes! Your title definitely drew me to come and read this That is a cool little oil lamp, but maybe could be used as a crack You might get more money for it as a crack pipe!

laura sampson said...

I lie the circle vase thing! it's cool!!

laura sampson said...

**LIKE** not lie!