Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taking the Habit out of Habitat

Remember when I used to go to the Habitat store weekly? Thank goodness those days of constant DIY home repair are behind me! We hired some folks to finish half our basement and as the guys are getting close to paint time I swung by the store to buy some.

The half we are refinishing will have a dining room and a tv room split by the stairs from the first floor. I think the usual beige in the dining would look nice and perhaps a darker brown for tv? I'm not sure yet so I only bought the beige.

Paint - $10
2 FD glasses - .10 each
2 Mugs - .25 each

The little white mug has a brown bear sitting inside. This makes it completely impractical for anything but water. It was obviously made in Japan. Cute trumps everything there!

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