Sunday, January 19, 2014

New TV Show Alert: Thrift Hunters

In my ever growing eBay curiosity I joined a bunch of Facebook groups last month. One of them is Thrifting with the Boys:

Its an insanely informative page where people ask questions all day long and others actually help! I'm so used to blogger apathy and website trolling I forget helpful people go on-line too.

Anyway the page's admins have a batch of YouTube videos ( and last night premiered a show called Thrift Hunters on Spike TV! My wonderful husband and I are fans of Storage wars (all iterations) so of course we watched it.

The show was good; the guys bought random stuff at different locations and struck out at others. It was kind of like watching a "look we went shopping" youtube video with better production. Of course they dudded out at some locations and really struck big at others.

My only peeve with the show was it raced past what the guys actually purchased. On Storage Wars the oddest items get taken to professional appraisers who give a brief history on wackiness. I was hoping to watch Thrift Hunters and get some shopping tips but the information just wasn't there.

Luckily the guys created episode guides with links to all the items they purchased as well as information on whether it sold, was broken (yep), lost (yep) or still up for sale. I was pleased to see they had a bunch of small sales too ($10 items selling for $20) and their mugs sit around for months too:

Overall it was a good first episode and I'd watch again. Most shows improve as they go along and the episode supplement on their site really helps.

Thrift Hunters is on Spike TV or you can watch full episodes on their website:


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

I enjoyed the show. I have to admit I was so jealous when they got to go into that warehouse and shop what "wasn't open to the public. " I need connections like that :)