Sunday, January 26, 2014

My cheap glass actually isn't (as usual)

Remember I bought this bowl back in December for $1.99?

While I didn't need another bowl I was there to pick up that Dartinton vase which I'd non-buyer remorsed. I didn't want another remorseful trip and my gut said this bowl was something special too.

Well I was clicking around stuff that makes my heart go faster and the author was ecstatic to have purchased this pitcher:

I raced to eBay because google images is for layfolk and sure enough - my bowl which has been corraling potatoes all month is an Ultima Thule and would sell for about $30-$40!

Then I kept reading Tove's blog because she has exquisite taste in breakables and it turns out she is a huge fan of this design:

She has twelve of the glasses:

Check out her lovely dessert bowls here:

She even wrote a bio/tribute to the designer here: This is also the post you want to visit for real eye candy.

I'll admit when I finally figured out what my bowl was and how much it could sell for my initial instinct was to eBay it. However reading her blog has given me a deeper appreciation of the design. Sure, its only holding potatoes but I also have a Lenox bowl holding garlic. Beautiful things should be enjoyed openly, not displayed in cabinets or always eBayed away.