Thursday, January 30, 2014

JetBlue is connecting Newark to Santiago!

In news of zero interest to anyone outside my geographical area, JetBlue will FINALLY fly from Newark airport to Santiago, Dominican Republic. Until now NJ'ers have had to risk bridges, tolls and over an hour's ride to JFK. Now we can just take the train from practically anywhere in the state!

They are going to have super cheap fares from May 1 until June 12 but I still haven't ordered a passport with my married name. Those suckers are EXPENSIVE and I still had seven years left on the old one.



Oh and SPOILER ALERT - I am keeping that Continental travel bag from yesterday. It only sells for about $10 and check it:


I thought it was a washcloth but this is so much better! Even if I am going to DR in the summer (flip flop to flip flop weather) I still get cold on the plane.

This stuff is new but considering the coupon inside expired in 2007 I will ditch the perishables. The pen will be great for filing all those customs forms I get stuck filling out for everyone around me. I don't know why I always end up next to people without glasses or afraid to "mess up." You're on a plane for four hours, if you mess up just ask for another one.

All those zippered compartments should be handy for passports, ticket tags and customs forms too.

Not bad for .75 and if after one flight I decide its too bulky? I can ditch always eBay it as used for $2 less.