Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Boxes made for flat rate envelopes!? *MIND BLOWN*

As I mentioned the other day I joined a few Facebook eBay seller groups and an idea which keeps coming up are Scotty Stuffers:

Fully endorsed by eBay, this company sells boxes meant to fit inside padded flat rate envelopes. We sellers love flat rate envelopes because they are free, easy to ship and insured. If it fits and weighs less than 70lbs it ships for less than $6 in the US and about $24 internationally.

The problem is a padded flat rate envelope does not provide much protection for its contents. I will normally bubble wrap stuff in them anyway.

bubbleFAST resolved the issue by creating sturdy boxes designed to fit inside the padded envelopes.

Now these things are not cheap - 10 will set you back $17: or you can splurge on 250 for $150:

This is great for sellers with huge ROI and much more expendable income than the casual dabbler.

Youtube, that bastion of accumulated human knowledge, has plenty of videos on creating your own boxes to fit inside the envelopes. It looks time consuming but I've "made" boxes out of other boxes in the past and with sufficient tape on the corners they've (presumably) held up.

Its something worth looking into.