Monday, December 23, 2013

What it sold for: Week 3

Let's see if I can remember to do this weekly. Remember these prices do not have eBay and paypal fees subtracted.

Whale ornament - Paid $2, sold for $18

Nativity creche ornament - Paid .25, sold for 3.25 but at least its outta here

Dolphin Mug - Paid .29, sold for $15

Shar-pei Mug - Paid .29, sold for $12

Mega-Blocks - Paid $1, sold for $7 because I forgot to unlist

EverStik - Paid .10, sold for $3

Barbie - Paid $1, sold for $13

Precious Moments nightlight - Paid $1, sold for $13

Sweater - Paid .50, sold for $19.50

I sold about 40 things this week but no big sells. I was glad to see Barbie and the nightlight go because I bought those early on in my "buy to resell" stage. When I scroll through my sold items I am always surprised by how much stuff goes within a week of listing. Sometimes it feels like anything listed for over a month is permanently mine.


Adley Haywood said...

Great sales! The smalls add up to big money. Keep at it. :-)

I also really like your photos. What camera are you using? Not sure if you know much about photography, but I love the "bokeh" (blurry backgrounds).

Van said...

Nice profits on those mugs, reminds me to get some of my Etsy items on to eBay.

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Big sales are great, but those smaller ones really add up. 40 sales! That's awesome. Congrats!