Monday, December 16, 2013

What it Sold for - Week 3

I haven't done one of these since October but honestly? Its been going really well. I have close to 200 items listed and mailed out 8 packages in sales from yesterday and this morning. Learning to buy has been humbling and gratifying. A lot of my early purchases have been duds but there is always garage sale season to dump them in!

So here are some of my December sales:

Benihanas - Bought $1.60, Sold $14

NWT Eddie Bauer Sweater - Paid $5, Sold for $21

IDK What it is - Free, Sold for $6

Rurik - Paid $1, Sold for $20

Vampire Diaries - Paid $10, Sold for $20 (Stupid Walmart)

Barbie Puppy Dvd Set - Paid $5, Sold for $20

Kindle Cover - Paid $1, Sold for $9

 Girl's Kilt - Paid .25, Sold for $13

Polo Sweater - Paid .50, Sold for $12

Swizzle Sticks - Paid $1, Sold for $10

Candle holders - Paid $2, sold for $30

I ruined the 3rd one of the candle holders with WINDEX! I keep a bottle near my eBay photography area for those pesky spots the flashlight highlights. Well when I tried to remove a fingerprint I accidentally removed whatever cover it had PLUS the 22k gold plating! I don't know how it happened so quickly but the third candle stick holder has a grey spot on the base. From now on old stuff gets sold dirty!

These are only some of  my sales for the month. I am happy to see inventory moving and although this won't make me rich (I net about $150 a week lately) its fun and easy!