Thursday, December 12, 2013

WHAT!? Everything is a quarter!?

Don't you hate when you find out about a really good deal as you pay? That little thrift shop I love is only open three days a week. This week the manager was away so they closed at 3pm each day AND EVERYTHING WAS .25! I went after 2pm today and got:

2 Bill Cosby sweaters
1 Polo jacket
1 Ornament
1 small puzzle

Total: $1.25

The jacket is especially nice:

I told my husband they were Bill Cosby sweaters and he thought Bill Cosby was on them! HA! Facebook tells me they are good sellers and for .50 it was worth my finding out.

Sadly, prices will go back up next week when the manager returns. If I'd known I would have high tailed it over sooner!

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