Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What do the numbers under Fire King cups mean?

I was just listing those Fire King cups and saucers I bought last week (sob) and noticed each had a different number on the base: 5, 9, 18. I asked Facebook which directed me to http://www.ebay.com/gds/Buying-Fire-King-Jeannette-Jadite-Jadeite-/10000000000696209/g.html

"Markings on the bottom with dashes, bumps, and numbers are mold marks and batch numbers. They neither add nor detract from the value."

I've decided to hold on to the bowls for now and list the salad plates tomorrow. I am hoping the thrifty beings above send me a Fire King dinner plate set one of these days - and that it be in better condition than the oddball one from this summer. Our current stuff would go in a garage sale box faster than you could blink!

Can you believe these were manufactured from 1945-1963? I keep asking my husband if he thinks our Kohl's plates will last that long.


Van said...

I often wondered that, thanks for the tip, that's good to know! I looove fire king!