Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Volunteer Thrifting is still Thrifting

I said I would volunteer on Wednesday afternoons so I went by today even though I was tired. Funny how something is so much fun until it becomes a commitment, right?

I have been thrifting a lot (understatement), listing, selling, packaging and shipping eBayables. I really enjoy it but I have to mete myself. I have an addictively happy personality which overindulges until sated then loses all interest - permanently and out of the blue. I don't taper off, I just stop. Since I've been happily eBaying for over a decade I need to pace myself so I won't burn out.

That being said:


The pig has a voice box but doesn't work. He looks to be in good shape so I bet its a battery issue. The jumpropes are for my niece who asked me to teach her how to jump. Can a 5 year old be retro?

Puppets - .50 each
Kid's raincoat jacket - .25
Jumpropes - .25 each

3 Jeans - $1
Enesco figurine - .50
Bag of Mega Blocks - $2

Surprisingly, the jeans I've bought for resale have gone quickly so it was time to restock. The Mega Blocks are a fun augmentation to the ones from this summer. I'd planned to eBay those but then we played with them and it was even better.

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Veronica said...

I love what you said about your personality. It's so me.