Saturday, December 21, 2013

The less exciting cleaning of the Fiesta Ware

Remember I just bought these:

Pretty bad, huh? Well I popped in an episode of Grimm, got my trusty Bar Keeper's Friend and set to it.

End product:

Pretty swell huh?

I really need to buy the liquid version of Bar Keeper's Friend because the powder one is tough to maintain consistency on when cleaning so much stuff. Plus cleaning gets boring and my second to last plate looked like this:

Unfortunately by the last one I'd gotten even lazier:

I had to re-clean that one.

Anyone know where I can find the liquid version of Bar Keeper's Friend? Amazon will only let me buy it as an add-on item, which is ridiculous. It costs $8 and I can order plenty of cheaper stuff as standalone items, so why not this?

I'm telling everyone at Thrifty Thursday all about this again.


Van said...

Gorgeous plates, they cleaned up beautifully! I have a lot of cleaning to get to myself. After blog catch-up and Christmas gift wrapping!