Sunday, December 8, 2013

Product Review: Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card

So this card has simplified my eBaying by I don't know what percent. I've had it for about a month and am finally ready to review.

I have the Eye-Fi Connect X2 4 GB card, which is about $30 on Amazon. I see they have a newer version which is 8gb and costs $45 too.

I have had a little Canon Rebel since March 2012, although oddly enough I never blogged about it. I still have my SD1400 but it barely gets any use these days. I love my Rebel. My family and outdoors photos are much better but more importantly - my eBay pictures look amazing. All I need to do is point, shoot and move on.

The one downside to the Rebel is its beautiful red leather case. Every time I want to transfer photos I need to unscrew the whole thing, get the cables out, wait to transfer, delete the old ones, etc.

Well this little wireless card has eliminated all of that.

I take pictures upstairs. When I am done I come downstairs, turn on my computer, make sure my camera is On and walk away. By the time I get water or a snack or just google what I am about to list the pictures are done transferring. I have it set to transfer to a folder on my desktop but they can go anywhere. I can even set it up to send photos directly to facebook, twitter, my iPad, etc.

Its only 4gb but for eBay purposes that is more than enough. I have it set to delete photos from the camera as I transfer them to my computer, which is a nice added bonus. I could have gotten a larger capacity card but I already own an "old school" 16gb card, which I plan to continue using for vacations and the like.

The one downside was installing the software on my computer. The box says it will take about ten minutes but it really took about an hour. The card comes with a card reader, which is inserted into any usb port on the computer. It then wirelessly communicates with the router to set up future transfers. Well, it was not detecting the router. I had to move furniture and cables and got the router within two unimpeded feet of the computer and it finally synced up. After that first sync it was never a problem again though.

I've had to recharge my camera battery about every 1000 pictures. In the past I went months and thousands of pictures without charging. However this memory card is constantly transmitting (or trying to) when the camera is on. I have the option of turning off the wireless setting so when I'm upstairs taking pictures it won't be trying to send to a machine that is off downstairs so I may start doing that. Honestly, charging once a week isn't so bad and I bet most non-ebayers go way longer than a week before reaching 1000 pictures.

So that's my review. This little device has honestly improved my quality of life. Before syncing photos was a hassle and now I don't even think about it. Funny how quickly one can get used to conveniences, eh?


veg-o-matic said...

Thank you for this review! I transfer pictures from my camera to my PC by shoving the SD card right in my laptop. With my current camera, however, I have to open the battery compartment to get to the SD card and I can see the hinge isn't going to last too long if I keep doing this. I was wondering about this card, and now it looks like it's exactly what I want! Maybe I'll find one in my stocking this Christmas...