Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh Internet, I bought such beautiful things today

To think, such a short while ago I didn't know we had any local thrift stores and I only garage saled. I buy more beautiful stuff in one thrift store run than I find in a month of regular saling!

Salvation Army First:

Tv Seasons - 1.99 each
Glass bowl - 1.99
Reading kitten - .29
2 Coleman beverage holders - .29 each (may keep these)
Dartinton(?) vase - .49

This is the third time I buy HIMYM seasons - the last time was in 2011 and they cost $5. I hate Monty Python EVEN MORE since realizing these dvds are eBayably worthless. I am Anny's Sense of Remorse.

So the good news is it looks just like the one I posted last night. The bad news is that seller may be on crack. He is definitely on the high end pricing wise but seems to be the only clear vase recent lister. The grey and blues go for about $5-$10 and I saw a red sell for $50. We'll see.

I nabbed this gorgeous bowl because I have Rurik on the mind. Its footed and heavy. I bet its made by someone awesome because I believe in wishful thinking ;) If not, I am happy to welcome it into my home. I could never live in earthquake country.

There was another collection today - all cats! I probably nabbed the only worthless one but it was only .29. The bottom says 1994 BC Sri Lanka. I like it.

Wednesday means - volunteering/shopping at the little thrift store!

Brand new RCA radio with cassette player - $3 - facebook says to buy these so I will see
3 pairs of jeans - $1 (they keep selling so I keep buying)
Jonathan Adler whale - $2
Assorted ornaments - .25 each
Red tray - .25
Glass cup - .25

eBay says its worth about $3 so it may stick around to be garage saled instead. Isn't it pretty?

I love bodum mugs! Unfortunately I drank this full of water in about three sips because I am part camel. I do love the feel of delicate glass.

A closer look - the hannukah decoration is actually a sun catcher.

Look - I think Santa was purchased at a different thrift store! Unfortunately I tore up the box a lot removing the price sticker.

I found such nice stuff today! Plus I got to do good by volunteering. Win, win for me!

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