Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Non-Buyer's Remorse

I need to go to the Salvation Army first thing tomorrow morning - well after I wash my hair. See this cute vase? Its on eBay for $70 bucks:

I've been passing up this VERY SAME vase at the Salvation Army for over two weeks because while pretty, its unmarked and kind of looks like the lid for something else. I've picked it up a few times and its less than $1!

I wouldn't even know what it was if I hadn't been searching eBay for more info on Dartington since I bought that little heart last week.

In other news - anyone know what this type of candle is called? It looks made for the mid-century stuff I like buying.


kate steeper said...

Glass, the bane of my existance, all the years ive been on the planet and I still cant tell the good from the

Van said...

I adoore glassware but same, not so easy to tell mod from non. I've grown an eye for it over time it seems but I have scooped up dupes before.

Lori@BalladofaVintageNut said...

Forget your hair. Put it up in a stylish, loose bun.
Just get back to that SA and buy that glassware!