Friday, December 20, 2013

Its a Fiesta, Its a Fiesta, Its a Fiesta!

Fiesta ware, that is! For the non-Dora watchers - Fiesta means party. If you don't get my title, well ask Yahoo - all the best answers come from there!

6 pack of dinner plates - 5.99
(2) 5 packs of cereal bowls - 3.99
4 pack of smaller bowls - 2.99
3 Mugs - .29 each
Retro X-Mas lights - 1.49

I am OBVIOUSLY psyched about this. Unfortunately, yesterday my husband and I decided not to buy more eBayables until we get the eBay room under control. There are many precariously balanced, empty boxes which may topple and paper cut us at any moment up there.

So as I was leaving this morning I mentioned how sad I was to be so close to the Salvation Army but not shop. He encouraged me to go but only buy stuff I "absolutely" needed.

Well 3 Kate Spade Lenox mugs at .29 each? So needed.

Then I dutifully passed up a bunch of marked figurines that were less than a buck each. I picked up five Christmas light strands since this is a covetted sell. Then I put four back.

Now, I'd obviously checked plates first thing since I am expecting Fire King dinner plates. I'd completely overlooked the Fiesta ware on the bottom shelf! In fact, without that orange bowl on top I wouldn't have even bothered picking them up.


So obviously these are space consuming but I'd never found affordable Fiesta-stuff before. Its always over-priced at garage sales. There was so much of it - and it matched! But it was scratched! But I could clean it! Finally I threw caution to the wind, got a shopping cart and bought the whole batch. I'd left behind figurines and Christmas lights, after all.

Unfortunately the dinner plates are REALLY scratched up. Isn't that weird? I'd heard Fiesta scratches easily (you should store with a napkin between each) but that doesn't explain marks all along the border, where utensils seldom stray. I kept debating since at 5.99 they were the priciest lot and the most damaged but in the end just went for it. I hope to bust out bar keeper's friend and turn a nice profit on these.

Then I plan to stay away from the Salvation Army. There are too many good deals and that eBay room upstairs is starting to look like a jenga game of Amazon boxes.

I am taking this party to Thrifter Share.


Lori@BalladofaVintageNut said...

Oh, my. Jackpot on the Kate Spade!