Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm eBayably Caught up, let's go get more!

Guys, I have 179 items listed! The mind boggles - there are about 200 things in this house I bought expressly for resale. Unfortunately most of the stuff I bought before reading blogs is just sitting there but most of the recent thrifts have already left the house.

I also received my 1206th feedback today on 12/6. Uncanny.

These were .29 each and I walked around with them for a while before ditching them. Cute? Yes. Recognizable name underneath? Negative. Likelihood they will sit upstairs for months? Seemed high.

These mugs look better in the pictures. The frosted white glass was scratched on all of them. If I knew the maker I may have gone for them anyway.

This was 7.99 and looked unused. Its a pan with lid and awesome trivet holder. I debated but don't have space for it.

Looking back, I should have bought it to eBay. I don't normally consider stuff over $5 but I may need a mental shift on that now.

So what DID I buy?

Sealed Breaking Dawn - $1 (Swapadvd)
Tokyo Drift - $1 (Swapadvd)
2 Bacardi/Coke Mugs - .79 & .99 (idk either)
2 Flamingo Ash Trays - .49 each
Cherished Teddies - .99
Eskimo Vase - .99

I know I've seen Robert Mayokok's work before.

Last time there was a collection of pencil sharpeners. Today there was a batch of souvenier hotel ash trays. I bought a matching pair because I don't want to end up sitting on a dozen ashtrays.

I hope turning down those retro mugs for Bacardi and Coke was the right call.

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laura sampson said...

learning to leave stuff behind is the HARDEST part--I always waffles and then drag crap home and of course it sits there--thanks for linking up to Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm!

Veronica said...

I always second guess myself when shopping. Even after looking it up on my iphone. Love the Eskimos.