Saturday, December 7, 2013

I tried a different Salvation Army

I went to one a town over but it was pretty crappy. The store I frequent is FULL of midcentury furniture and has a decent amount of bric a brac. This place was super dusty with lots of broken and chipped stuff. There was only one cashier and she spent the whole time yelling that she needed singles. To top it off some of the employees had their kids there and they were running around like kids will do.


This is what I nabbed from the chaos:

Aladdin Mug - .29
Shar-pei Mug - .29
Pomander - .19
Santa candle holder - .99

I didn't notice the Aladdin mug has sharpie on some of the grey letters from their irresponsible pricing. I am going to try a Magic Eraser but this may end up in Future Garage Sale's pile.

I am positive Santa isn't Kosta ;) but I am going to keep him anyway. There is only one comp on eBay and its all the way in England. Check out the funny copyright - Popular 2007. Way to be optimistic!

The store was chaotic and out of the way so I probably won't be back. It makes me appreciate mine even more!

I'm over at Thriftasaurus.


veg-o-matic said...

Wow, I'd love to walk into a thrift that was full of mid century furniture! Other than the occasional end table, all of our thrifts fall pretty short on the MCM stuff.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

That describes every SA around me - lots of broken & chipped stuff, dusty-ish, too. Some stuff has been in there for months!

Don't know what it is with SA, they are consistently crappy.

Lori@BalladofaVintageNut said...

This post made me laugh. Thanks!