Thursday, December 19, 2013

I looked at an antique and a mid-century store today

As you guys know I love mid-century design stuff. I've been googling and eBaying and reading everything I can so I can learn to identify it while thrifting. Today I saw Edge Mid-Century Designs while erranding and figured this would be an excellent opportunity to familiarize myself.

First of all - WOW! I've become too used to thrift store prices for old stuff.

Pretty right? Its $68. I picked this up hoping to see a maker I could later identify but nothing - just a generic description "Red Bowl" and the price. Also the bottom was kinda tacky - not gross or sticky but could definitely use a run through the sink. I guess they wanted buyers to know its old but I like my old stuff looking new, thank you.

That seemed to be the running theme through the store. It was full of beautiful items but the only names were on pieces of furniture even I could identify. We all know what Eames looks like by now, right? I want to put names to glass, buddy.

So about three stores over was an antique shop. I went in because I had such a great parking spot.

I'd never been in an antique store before and it was as FULL as the ones on the tv. At one point I walked sideways because there was so much glass and I was wearing a winter coat. Surprisingly, the prices were very affordable. I was tempted by a green uranium depression cake plate for $15 but I don't need it since I bought that gorgeous pink one this summer. (and nope I still haven't used it)

So I had fun but unfortunately didn't learn anything about the stuff I want to buy.