Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I had to use a credit card to thrift today!

Now that I'm home I'm having some buyer's remorse but it was still a fun time.

First I went back to the crappy Salvation Army. I'd skipped this Taylor & Ng mug last week and someone on my facebook page made a killing selling one. I couldn't remember why I'd left it behind until:


I figured "Whatever, I went out of my way to get here so I'll just buy it." Then I bought three others because I love storing mugs:

They were marked .19 to .49 but the cashier was lazy and rang them all up as .29 each.

Then I went to my usual Salvation Army and got:

Tinkerbell musical snowglobe - $9.99
Big John Hopkins castle - $5.99
Little John Hopkins - $3.99
2 small Unicorn boxes - .19 and .79
Dartinton crystal heart - $1.99

I may try craigslisting that music box. Its heavy, fragile and I keep hearing horror stories of shipping in this freezing weather.

Crap, more mugs. .19 to .79
Unfortunately the German cat mug has a small crack I missed in-store. That one was only .29 so not end of the world.

FIRE KING!!! AHHHH! $5.99 for the batch
Clearly the universe wants me to collect this stuff. Please honor its request by sending me all of the matching stuff you already own.

No idea on the unicorn boxes but they sure are darling. I bet they were donated by the Crazy Unicorner. The heart is for me because useless, breakable crystal is my thing.

I'm a little wary of shipping the bigger one of these castles too. They are "hydrostone" and I bet also came from the unicorner. I keep spending time with my five year old niece and its really affecting what appeals to me.

Fun Fact for all you muggers: I never carry more than $20 cash. When I get closer to $0 than $20 I go get another $20 from the atm. And that's how I learned the Salvation Army takes credit cards.

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Veronica said...

I'm the type of person that never carries cash so I use debt every where. You sell a lot of breakables. I am still afraid to pick up to many. Seen to many bad USPS YouTube videos. Love the dishes. Hopefully you find more.

Lisa Richardson said...

Love the Fire King. I have 7 large plastic totes of the stuff.