Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hey I volunteered today

Remember my mentioning volunteering at the little thrift store the other day? Well I went in today and the lady who runs it was by herself and there was SO MUCH stuff! There was only an hour until closing so I stuck around and helped organize. I also ganked:

Kosta Boda candle holder - $2.50
Bear with book - .75
Men's Polo sweater - .50 (ebay)
Mazda maintenance manual cover - Freebie Box (ebay)
Wendy's Shrek whistle - Freebie Box

I was surprised to see the manual cover in the freebie box since folks love their cars.

I probably won't keep this one (although how cute would it look serving as a shallow vase with one bud?) but while trying to figure out the pattern I found out what this is:

Its a Kosta Boda Rurik! I bought this tea light holder back in October and had it on the blu-ray shelf since then. Its very pretty but I own so many breakable tea light holders and Black Friday has bought me a bunch of new blus so space is at a premium. I told my husband its funny I'm so predictable I repeat the same patterns (buying beautiful Kosta Boda) even when I'm not aware of it. He told me that's the definition of predictability :(

The little thrift shop closes at 3 so I made it to the Salvation Army before closing. They had a collection of metal souvenier pencil sharpeners for .99 each. I grabbed this one although I don't think people use pencils anymore.