Friday, December 13, 2013

Cleaning Thrift Store Mugs

Remember this mug from Wednesday?

Let me refresh your memory:

My eBay Facebook page suggested magic erasers and barkeeper's friend to clean these puppies.

First up Magic Eraser:

Its a little lighter but not a keeper.

So I tried Bar Keeper's friend:

Holy Moly! That really worked!

The Bar Keeper's Friend I used is what I had on hand - the powder version:

It costs about $5 on Amazon and most super markets. I've never seen it sold at a drugstore.

As I said, mine is the powder form. I need to mix it with water and it works just like Ajax or Comet. I just saw they make a gel formula for less than a $1 more. Its effective so I use it but powder cleansers are so messy and getting the the consistency is a pain. I am going to order some a gel right now.

I'm sharing at Thrifty Thursday, even though today is Friday. Rebel.


Veronica said...

Wow where do you buy Bar Keepers friend?